Big Ben International Challenge at Coca-Cola Coliseum

Big Ben International Challenge Tickets

Coca-Cola Coliseum | Toronto, Ontario

Big Ben International Challenge

Get ready for fast times at Coca-Cola Coliseum on Thursday 9th November 2023 because Big Ben International Challenge is coming to Toronto, Ontario! This one-day-only event brings the finest drivers together for a rally that you won’t want to miss! Just imagine being among crowds of fans cheering on your favorite seasoned professionals and rising rookies. You can enjoy every intense second and lose your mind at the incredible photo finish. And car enthusiasts have even bigger thrills to look forward to. Since they can check out the speediest cars in the league and hear that incredible roar of engines as these drivers zoom off at the of the race. And let's not forget that Big Ben International Challenge is going to be a special event as some of hte most hotly contested rivalries come to a head and you can only see what happens if you visit. It’s a Thursday of incredible fun and excitement that you won’t ever forget. Will your favorites take the big prize or will they be left in the dust in an incredible twist that no one could have expected? You won’t know unless you come out to Coca-Cola Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario! You can book your tickets today by clicking the links before these seats are gone with the wind!

Every day is a great day to catch a race event at Coca-Cola Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario. And that’s because Coca-Cola Coliseum is one of the premiere racing venues in Toronto and all nearby cities. In fact, racing sports reporters often say that Coca-Cola Coliseum is the top shelf experience for driving sports across their side of the country. That’s why legions come out for every opening day to cheer on their favorite champion racers. But what makes Coca-Cola Coliseum such a big deal? Why not start on the track where the fun begins. Every twisting curve and lengthy straightaway was designed to push racers to their absolute limits. Even the most award-winning pros in the league struggle to keep up with what some fans call “The KING of racing tracks. Best of all, visitors can enjoy the show from every seat in the house, since every seat has very clear sightlines to the amazing court and the drivers zipping down the track. You and thousands of other fans can thrill at the roar of those powerful engines and cheer on the racers as they push for the big prize! And all of this can be enjoyed for the price of one ticket. Is it any wonder why Coca-Cola Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario is one of the most famous race tracks in the state? We didn’t think so either. So what are you waiting for? If you can only see one race this fall then make sure you buy tickets to the next big race at Coca-Cola Coliseum!

Big Ben International Challenge at Coca-Cola Coliseum

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